Survey highlights gaps in driver knowledge

Fleet managers know the importance of having safe drivers on the road, especially when they are travelling long distances each day.

However,  many years may have passed since they sat their driving test, which suggests they may have forgotten some vital road safety laws.

A recent survey conducted by Woolworths Insurance illustrates the gaps that have established over time in over 1,000 respondents. Researchers found most drivers (92 per cent) believe they are safe drivers, although, 96 per cent of those surveyed admitted to conduct that would lead to failing their driving test.

Most drivers (82 per cent) said they drive faster than the limit, closely followed by 76 per cent stating they speed up to pass an orange traffic light.

Head of Woolworths Insurance, Chris Cramond explained bad habits creeping into driver behaviour can have deadly consequences on the road.

"The results show over time drivers pick up habits that would not be acceptable in a test situation," he said.

"The safer you drive, the safer our roads are."

Other common offences drivers admitted to in the survey include 50 per cent not braking at stop signs, 39 per cent making illegal U-turns and 25 per cent breaking the speed limit in a school zone.

"Regardless of how long you've been on the road, Woolworths Insurance encourages drivers to get back to basics and drive according to the road rules," Mr Cramond concluded.

Could you pass again?

Although over nine in ten drivers believe they were good drivers, close to half (44 per cent) agreed that they had established bad driving habits since passing their test.

Despite most respondents admitting to breaking the law, 87 per cent believe they are better drivers today and 76 per cent said it was likely they would pass a re-sit.

Fleet managers could consider giving driver refreshers to ensure they are always up-to-date with new road laws as well as reminding them of the basics of corporate driving.