Sydney toll roads earn nearly $900 million in 2012

Toll roads in Sydney take in around $896 million in revenue every year from local and visiting drivers, according to an article published by the Daily Telegraph on January 20.

That equates to more than $17 million a week and $2.4 million every day, and it appears that number is only likely to rise in the future.

Every toll road in Sydney - other than those under construction - managed to increase its earnings during the last financial year, with the Lane Cove Tunnel seeing the most significant increase in revenue.

The tunnel, which connects the Gore Hill Freeway at Artarmon with the M2 Motorway at North Ryde, drew in $60 million in the year to June 2012, an increase of 16 per cent over the same period in 2011.

The biggest earner overall however was the M7, which took in $200.5 million, followed closely behind by the M5, which earned $181.1 million.

Meanwhile the toll portion of the M2 Motorway managed to earn $142.1 million, slightly down on 2011, while the Sydney Harbour Bridge took in $85 million from motorists.

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