Telematics in 50 million fleet cars by 2019

If you're a fleet manager who has been considering adding telematics to your fleet software solution, you are not alone. Adoption of telematics in the non-trucking commercial fleet industry is expected to increase dramatically over the next five years, according to ABI Research.

Around 50 million vehicles around the globe are expected to be fitted with telematics by 2019, a March 24 media release revealed, with the non-trucking commercial sector due to equal the number of connected trucks by the end of this year.

Telematics is a service encompassing telecommunications, vehicular technologies, road transportation, road safety, electrical engineering and computer science. This includes the ability to send, receive and store information through a fleet software solution.

According to ABI Research, the non-trucking fleet industry includes a number of 'verticals', such as construction and mining, private transportation, government and public sectors and emergency services.

"Many of these verticals are facing similar challenges such as the need to improve the utilisation of their vehicle fleets, combat rising fuel prices, trim payroll costs and comply with 'duty of care' obligations towards their employees," ABI Research Principal Analyst Gareth Owen said.

However, Mr Owen continued, these sectors each face specific challenges and requirements.

"For example, in the cutthroat services sector customer service is paramount with the failure of service personnel to arrive on time as the biggest complaint. Nowadays, customers expect improved levels of service at little or no additional cost," he explained.

This challenge has encouraged fleet managers in the services vertical to adopt mobile workforce fleet management software in order to gain a competitive edge.

Additionally, the construction and mining sector has increasingly invested in safety and security measures. This includes overriding solutions to combat driver behaviour and fatigue. 

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