Tesla Model S named best all-round green car

Fleets managers investigating reducing their fuel consumption could be interested in research from the Automobile Club of Southern California.

The club have recently published its 2014 Green Car Guide, which analysed 83 different green vehicles in a number of different categories. A wide range of vehicles were surveyed to ultimately find the best all-round car for fleet services.

The Tesla Model S was named as this year's "king of green vehicles", scoring a perfect ten in the study's only two green categories: emissions and fuel economy. As well as this, the Tesla also scored highly in seven of the other 11 categories, including braking, crashworthiness, visibility, slalom handling, ride quality, interior noise and acceleration.

Tesla's total score of 94.30 put the electric vehicle close to ten points ahead of the Toyota Rav4 EV with 84.52. The Audi TDI Quattro Tiptronic completed the podium with its score of 84.09.

As electric vehicle prices come down in Australia and the stigma around the industry disappears, more fleet services are expected to invest in these cars.

The Automobile Club described the Tesla as both "sleek" and "sporty" and this vehicle is highly recommended by the research team. The Tesla is an all-round vehicle and despite its green functions, it is great for everyday driving and handles well.

"The Model S P85 we tested is an incredible car. It's the fastest green car we've ever tested; it rides and handles very well; it's extremely quiet; and it stops on a dime," researchers of the Green Car Guide said.

Fleet managers should keep an eye open for more vehicles such as the Tesla Model S. The recent decision by the electric car manufacturer to release its patent collection will mean other manufacturers are able to develop similar vehicles in the future.

To compliment any vehicle, fleets are suggested to invest in fleet management software which can alert businesses to which vehicles are using fuel faster than the rest of the fleet.