Three essential reports for improving your fleet efficiency

When it comes to being a successful fleet manager, knowledge is power. In order to maximise the efficiency of your fleet and ensure smooth operation of all vehicles, it is essential that you remain informed and engaged with every element of your operation.

For that reason, fleet management software - which can offer a variety of customised online reports and graphs - can be an invaluable tool in assisting you with making correct decisions quickly and easily.

Here are a few essential reports offered by software for fleet management that can help you better your vehicle fleet and improve bottom line.

Vehicle Utilisation Reports

Vehicle utilisation reports allow you to monitor the movement of vehicles, while also easily collating information about any additional costs associated with your fleet.

Armed with this information, you can be better informed about whether you are putting your drivers and your fleet to optimal usage and make stronger decisions about increasing or reducing the amount of vehicles in operation.

Exception Reporting

Exception reporting is a great way to encourage efficient and safe driver behaviour while at the same time identifying areas in your fleet where improvements can be made.

By comparing the performance of your drivers and vehicles to industry benchmarks you can assess exactly who is performing to standard and what needs improving.

Environmental Rating Reports

Environmental rating reports can help you assess the environmental performance of your fleet to ensure you are maximising fuel efficiency and minimising carbon emissions.

With the carbon tax shedding new light on the value of reducing pollution in Australia, these reports have become more valuable than ever and can help you make the right decisions both financially and ethically.