Tips for university fleet managers

Fleet managers responsible for handling a vast range of cars for university purposes can take these tips on board to streamline operations. 

Pool booking 

There is nothing worse than having two drivers return from the same job or location. This could happen a lot when academics have to attend conferences, drive off-campus for certain lecture series, or travel to educational facilities such as libraries.

A simple solution is to turn to pool booking. This is great for reducing car fuel consumption by enabling different university staff to travel together in fewer cars. It may also help build inter-departmental team building when academics from different parts of the university network in the fleet vehicles. 

Host driver safety seminars in university lecture theatres

One of the best ways to improve fleet driver safety is to have regular briefings on safety protocols. Being on a university campus offers ideal premises for hosting such workshops and seminars.

PowerPoint presentations can be useful for reminding drivers of key traffic laws. Better yet, because fleet management software provides constant updates on driver performance and helps managers monitor the fleet, the results can be projected in lecture theatres. This way, all fleet drivers have a level of transparency and can see how the university as a whole is performing behind the wheel.

Such lecture halls are great places to congratulate the drivers on areas they are doing well, as well as collectively devise strategies for improvement. 

Conduct safety performance reviews in office hours

The importance of regular safety performance reviews can not be underestimated. In 2013, there were 1,193 road-related fatalities in Australia, according to the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development. A simple way to prevent this in university fleets is to keep drivers informed of their personal strengths and weaknesses on the road. 

Much like students scheduling an appointment to see their professor, fleet managers can shoot these staff an email to book in a safety performance review during office hours.

Because students also need this valuable time with their professors, it may be more fruitful to conduct these reviews earlier on in the semester. This way, the office hours are kept freer closer to examination periods and assignment deadlines. 

Collaborate with the university's science department for a green car seminar

With constant innovation in the green car market, the news is always full of stories about the ways car manufacturers or scientists are making things better for the environment. A seminar on hydrogen fuel, hybrid cars and fuel efficiency can be a great way to get university fleet drivers thinking about how their driving behaviours can reduce carbon emissions and stretch fuel economy.