Top benefits of leasing a car

The benefits of leasing a car are similar to those of renting a house - it's cheaper and you don't need a large down payment to get started. It also means you don't need to worry about fleet maintenance.

Some businesses like the fact that they don't need to stress about selling later down the track, which makes upgrading the fleet easier.

Save money

There is no downpayment required to lease a fleet of vehicles. Even if one is required, it will be lower than that required if you were buying outright.

Businesses can also claim leases as a tax deduction if the cars are used for work related purposes, a benefit that car owners are not entitled to.

Rather than paying for the cost of a new fleet upfront, leasing gives you the opportunity to drive a new fleet and just pay the depreciation value.

Generally, the monthly cost is lower than buying a new fleet which may be good if you're concerned about the rising cost of fuel consumption.

No maintenance worries

Maintenance can be left to the leasing company so there is one less thing for the fleet manager to worry about. It means your workforce will have access to a fleet without you needing to stress the small parts of car ownership.

Access to top of the line vehicles

Leasing lets you have a luxury model without the stress of depreciation or a car that isn't quite in the business's budget.

It also gives you the freedom to upgrade your fleet every few years. So whether you like change or just want to keep up with the latest motoring trends, leasing allows you more flexibility than ownership.

Those who want the safest car for their fleet may want to consider leasing which allows you access to the most up to date vehicles without the stress of selling your fleet first.

Deciding whether to lease or buy vehicles is a tough decision for businesses but leasing has many benefits to consider.