Top Honda technology recognised by Green Car Journal

As one of the world's biggest car manufacturers, Honda is never far away from the limelight.

In the Japanese firm's latest coup, the prestigious Green Car Journal has named its innovative Earth Dreams hybrid engine as one of the top technologies for green cars in 2014.

The Green Car Journal dishes out a number of awards every year, such as the Green Car of the Year, and is an invaluable guide for any fleet manager looking to make better environmental choices when acquiring a car. The inclusion of Earth Dreams in this year's Green Car Technology top 10 list yet again confirms Honda's status as one of the industry's environmental leaders.

Earth Dreams Technology is an ambitious ongoing project by Honda with a clear purpose: to produce the most fuel efficient engine in the market without compromising on performance and the 'fun' aspect of driving.

Honda is making the technology available on all types of engine, from diesel and petrol to electrics and hybrids, meaning it won't be long before there is an option for every fleet manager.

It has already been rolled out in a number of Honda's most popular models, such as the Accord Hybrid. According to Art St. Cyr, vice president of product planning and logistics at American Honda, Earth Dreams is the next step in Honda's pioneering efforts in the green cars market.

"Honda's hybrid technology has progressed substantially since the introduction of the Insight in 1999," he said in a January 23 statement.

"Today, the Honda two-motor hybrid system that powers the Accord Plug-In and Accord Hybrid is the direct result of our commitment to create advanced vehicle technologies that offer top-of-class fuel economy ratings with a fun-to-drive character."

With their renowned reliability and fuel efficiency, Honda vehicles have long been a staple among fleet managers in Australia. If you're looking to add another Honda to your fleet in the future, it may be worthwhile keeping an eye out for one with Earth Dreams Technology.