Top tips to reduce your fleet management costs

In today's unforgiving economic conditions, it is imperative that businesses of all types and sizes are cutting down on as many costs as possible.

This is especially pertinent in the arena of fleet management, as rising fuel prices only add to the headache of many a fleet manager.

However, there are some smart and simple initiatives you can implement in your own fleet to help reduce your fleet maintenance costs.

Choosing the right fleet size

It is crucial to assess your fleet size on a regular basis to ensure that it is the right size for your business.

Not only will an unnecessarily large fleet eat up more fuel, it will also add to a stack of maintenance expenses. Just think of the additional registration, insurance and servicing costs you have to pay for each individual vehicle, and also the more indirect costs such as parking spaces.

Fuel consumption

In addition to saving substantial expenditure on fuel, keeping an eye on your fleet's fuel consumption will also limit its impact on the environment.

There are many small steps you can take to cut down on costs in this respect - for example, putting aside some time at the start of each day or week to plan journeys in advance will mean that your vehicles are only making the trips they really need.

You could also invest in a fuel card scheme with a local provider and monitor your employees' fuel consumption to track patterns and see where improvements can be made.

Accident management

Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions recommends keeping an accurate record of all accidents that your fleet vehicles are involved in.

This will help in identifying high-risk vehicles and drivers so you can address them specifically and save on repair and service costs.

Organising the occasional driver training session and refresher courses will also ensure that your drivers are up to speed with road safety, limiting the number of preventable accidents.