Toyota announces revolutionary new hydrogen car

The environmentally conscious fleet manager in Australia is likely to have considered electric and hybrid cars as long-term solutions - and it appears there will soon be another option to choose from.

Japanese giant Toyota unveiled the concept version of its new hydrogen-fuelled concept at the recent Tokyo Motor Show, and in addition to looking sleek and sexy, it is set to help drivers reduce their collective carbon footprint even further.

Now in its final stages of development and with production slated to start in roughly a year's time, the FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) Concept promises a driving range of at least 500km and a refuelling time of around three minutes, both of which put the vehicle on a par with traditional petrol-powered cars.

Tony Cramb, executive director of sales and marketing at Toyota Australia, said the development of the FCV Concept was yet another step in the firm's pioneering history.

"When Toyota introduced the Prius in 1997, no-one knew what a hybrid was - or that Toyota had been developing the technology for more than 30 years," he said in a November 20 statement.

"As the leader in hybrid technology, it is a natural step for Toyota to consider alternate fuels such as hydrogen because of its enormous potential in supporting energy diversification and zero emissions while offering the same convenience as today's petrol-powered cars."

According to Toyota Australia, hydrogen fuel cell cars represent the latest innovation in conserving oil and promoting the use of alternative forms of energy. As these vehicles rely mainly on hydrogen for power, the only real emission produced is water.

With the development of Toyota's first hydrogen car reaching its zenith, fleet managers around the world will have an increasing pool of green cars to choose from.