Toyota Australia's most trusted automotive brand

Aussies are loyal beings. Once we find something we like, we may not look for a reason to change. This is especially true for our vehicles, where "knowing what you are getting" mitigates against the risk of being stuck with something you don't like.

A fleet manager may not be getting the most out of their vehicles for this reason, because their usual car is not necessarily the best option in terms of safety, cost- and fuel-efficiency.

Toyota has had a good couple of years, especially with the Corolla model becoming Australia's best selling car last year. The Japanese manufacturer sold 43,498 Corollas in 2013 - an increase of more than 12 per cent from sales during the previous year.

Across all models, Toyota sold 214,630 vehicles in Australia in 2013 - almost twice as many as second-place Holden, according to This means around a fifth of all new car sales last year were Toyota models, making them the most popular automotive brand for the eleventh consecutive year.

An October report by Roy Morgan Research also found that Toyota is one of the few manufacturers maintaining public trust. The research experts found that 34.3 per cent of "new car intenders" believed the company can be trusted.

This makes it the most trusted automotive brand too, and puts it leagues ahead of Ford (16.8 per cent) and Volkswagen (16.5 per cent). But does that mean Toyota is the best car?

Interestingly, the recent announcement for the National Roads and Motorists' Association found that only one Toyota model is being considered for the Australia's Best Car 2014 award - the Toyota Camry H. Compared to Volkswagen, who has seven models shortlisted across the 14 categories and Mazda, with four finalists, some discrepancies show,

In short, fleet services can demand certain things of a vehicle - storage space, fuel efficiency, extra seats for passengers. The most trusted vehicles in Australia may or may not necessarily be the best choice as a business tool, so a little help can prove invaluable.

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