Toyota Corolla hits 40-million milestone

One of Australia's favourite cars, the Toyota Corolla, recently reinforced its status as one of the most popular and best-selling cars in history by celebrating its 40 millionth sale.

It is an astonishing feat that is perhaps best appreciated when placed in context - if all the Corollas that were ever sold were lined up together, they would circle the Earth four times, according to a September 6 media release.

And to keep up with growing demand, a Corolla is built somewhere in the world every half minute.

With its no-nonsense design, reliability and affordability, it has been a perennially popular choice for the fleet manager in Australia.

Tony Cramb, executive director of sales and marketing for Toyota Australia, believed that the local market most likely played a huge part in the achievement.

"Australia has figured prominently in the global history of Corolla, so it wouldn't surprise me if the 40-millionth car was actually bought by one of our local customers," he said in the media release.

He also confirmed that the car in question was purchased in late July this year.

The media release went on to state that one in five Toyotas ever sold in Australia is a Corolla, representing 21.7 per cent of the 5.7 million Toyotas sold in the country.

The Corolla's popularity in Australia and abroad has never been a secret - so if you're a fleet manager who wants a sturdy, reliable vehicle with low fuel consumption, why not add a few to your fleet?

Improved fuel efficiency is one of the greatest features of the latest Corolla models in Australia, thanks to its new streamlined exterior design and modifications to the engine.