Toyota hybrid sales hit new milestone

As testament to Toyota's prowess in the global hybrid vehicle market, the Japanese manufacturer announced that sales of its hybrids reached a new landmark at the end of last year.

According to a January 14 press release from Toyota, total worldwide sales of its hybrid models surpassed the 6 million unit mark by the end of December 31 2013. As of New Year's Eve, cumulative sales of Toyota hybrids around the world were recorded at 6.072 million units.

Additionally, Toyota reported that it reached its latest million-unit milestone in record time, taking just nine months to move from 5 million to 6 million units.

These figures once again prove that not only is Toyota one of the pioneers in the mass adoption of green cars, their vehicles remain some of the most popular choices in any part of the globe. Supplying 24 hybrid passenger car models as well as one hybrid plug-in variety across the world, Toyota looks unlikely to release its stranglehold on the hybrid market anytime soon.

Any fleet manager who is interested in reducing their company's toll on the environment would be wise to take a serious look at hybrid vehicles if they haven't already done so. To provide fleet management professionals with even more choice in the future, Toyota has announced ambitious plans to release 15 new hybrid models within the next two years.

There aren't any real surprises behind why Toyota hybrids are so popular as they are proving to be incredibly effective at reducing emissions. Toyota estimates that as of December 2013, its hybrid cars eliminated approximately 41 million tonnes of CO2 emissions that would have been produced by gasoline-powered cars of similar size and performance.

By using specialist fleet management software, you too can measure the exact impact your fleet is having on the environment.