Toyota tops February 2013 sales figures

New statistics from the FCAI have confirmed that the Mazda3 continues to be the most popular car in the country, in news that may be of interest to any fleet manager considering vehicle procurement.

A grand total of 3,378 Mazda3 models were sold during February 2013, just beating out the Toyota HiLux (3,319) and the Toyota Corolla (3,158).

Other top sellers for last month included the Nissan Navara, which sold 2,645 models, and the Mitsubishi Triton, which moved 2,335 units.

Toyota was named as the top selling brand for February, thanks to the ongoing success of the HiLux and Corolla models, beating out both Mazda and Nissan by nearly 50 per cent.

Overall, 90,218 passenger cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles were sold during February 2013. That's a year-on-year increase of 5.2 per cent - which amounts to just under 4,500 vehicles.

Every state in the country bar showed an increase in sales figures over last year, with the biggest growth coming from Tasmania, where new car sales were up an impressive 14 per cent.

Information like this can often prove an invaluable asset for fleet managers who are looking at adding or replacing new vehicles to their organisation.

By considering sales statistics, expert reviews and model specifications, it is possible to judge which individual vehicles will offer a greater return on investment and which will result in a minimal increase in fleet expenses.

Another great way to get a better idea about the true Whole of Life cost of a vehicle is by contacting a professional fleet services provider, which can provide a comprehensive evaluation on the potential long term expenses that a vehicle might incur.

By assessing everything from initial investment, registration costs, fuel expenses, potential servicing and maintenance fees and even the potential resale value, a fleet services provider can give your organisation a better idea as to which vehicles will be the most efficient in your fleet.