Training your fleet staff to share the road

Every fleet manager is required to monitor the safe driving practices of their staff in order to protect their drivers' lives and those of all other road users, including cyclists and pedestrians.

Improving safety on the road for motorists and cyclists is the focus of a new campaign by the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ).

Following research conducted on its own members, the state's peak motoring body released a video promoting courtesy and urging motorists and cyclists to share the road safely.

The research found members who preferred two-wheeled transport frequently reported motorists tailgating, passing too closely and honking their horn, according to RACQ Executive Manager Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding.

Those on bicycles were not completely blameless on the road either, Mr Spalding explained in a February 10 media release.

"Cyclists were also found to behave discourteously or illegally - for example not keeping to the left, pulling out in front of and cutting off drivers and riding three or more abreast when not overtaking," he said.

Mr Spalding revealed the RACQ research also found many motorists were unaware of the road rules relevant to sharing the road with cyclists, which could mean staff members in your fleet are lacking the knowledge to safely drive alongside cyclists.

"With statistics showing that on average one cyclist is hospitalised following a crash every day in Queensland, we can all benefit from refreshing our road rule knowledge and making an effort to be patient and courteous on the road - whether we're cyclists or motorists," said Mr Spalding.

To improve safety best practices among your staff, remind drivers to give cyclists at least one metre berth when over taking. Additionally, motorists are required to give way to bikes when exiting side streets or driveways and drivers should always check their blind spots for cyclists before turning or changing lanes.

"No one owns the road and with about four million people travelling Queensland's roads every day, showing respect and being patient will mean a safer journey for everyone," Mr Spalding concluded.