Upgrade to Smartfleet software today for improved fleet management

Maintaining and managing a fleet can be a time-consuming, expensive ordeal. With so many different variables and vehicles on the road at the same time, it can become a nightmare keeping track of the various different factors that contribute to a successful fleet.

If you find your fleet services struggling, perhaps it could be time to invest in some fleet management software. There are a number of benefits to either installing or upgrading your software.

For example, there’s the ability to generate comprehensive reports about the state of your fleet.

Whether you want to know about a single vehicle or your whole fleet, Smartfleet’s unique high-level dashboard allows you to quickly and effectively see areas where fixes can be made.

Fuel consumption, vehicle expense reports and exception reports are all paramount to saving you money within your fleet, and can all be quickly recalled through our software with ease.

Furthermore, calculating the Whole of Life cost for each vehicle in your fleet can be streamlined and made more efficient.

Our software provides an overall dollars-per-month and cents-per-kilometre readout for all the vehicles in your fleet, and takes into account variables such as on-going vehicle registration costs, the price of repair and maintenance, and the estimated resale value at the end of the vehicle's ownership.

All of this is in order for you to accurately project which vehicles are the most efficient within your fleet, aiding those tough decisions about cost cutting and vehicle retention.

All of our software can be customised to suit your fleet service, whether it’s replacing an older program or being implemented for the first time – we can help to streamline your fleet management into one, easy to use software solution.

By centralising the various statistics, reports and spreadsheets needed for maximum fleet efficiency, you will have instant access to all the information required to run a successful fleet service.