Upgraded NSW rest area for fleet drivers

Fleet drivers will be able to take time out from their long journeys this summer to stop at the recently upgraded rest area on the Hume Highway.

The Blue Metal Hill Rest Area, 18 kilometres south of Holbrook, was upgraded with the intent to meet high traffic volumes over the festive season.

Funded under the Australian Government Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program, the rest area features amenities that benefit all road users. 

"The work has involved improving rest, toilet, shade, shelter and load checking facilities at the location which is around 46 kilometres north of Albury," Member for Albury Greg Aplin explained in a December 19 media statement.

"New lighting, footpaths, picnic tables and chairs at the rest area have been installed along with trees and vegetation to improve shade."

Mr Aplin said the rest area has had input from the NSW freight industry to ensure the facilities are up to standard.

"The upgrade at Blue Metal Hill forms part of the NSW Government's commitment to increase and improve rest areas on key freight routes," he noted.

While some fleet drivers are bound by driver logs that mean that they have to stop, for others it is more of a luxury. However, given the vast distance between Sydney and Melbourne along the Hume Highway, it would be beneficial for fleet drivers to stop for a short break if tired or feeling fatigued.

NSW Roads and Maritime Services also confirmed that two other rest areas along the Hume Highway will be upgraded in the New Year. This includes one near Milton and another five kilometres north of Holbrook.

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