Upgrades to major Queensland fleet route

Fleet services travelling on the Bruce Highway will enjoy new upgrades set to increase road safety and prevent further flooding.

This week, Queensland Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson announced significant funding to bring parts of the highway up to scratch.

In 2012, the highway was deemed the most dangerous major road in the country after Australian Road Assessment Program (AusRAP) revealed one in every six national fatalities accorded on the Bruce.

Due to recent damage from Cyclone Ita, the work has been brought forward to protect the important link between Brisbane and Cairns.

"After years of neglect by the former Labor Government we are delivering our promised additional $1 billion in funding over 10 years for better safety, flood mitigation and capacity upgrades to this 1,700km lifeline."

"More than $1 billion in flood works are currently underway and works are on track despite the recent flooding and rain from Cyclone Ita," Mr Emerson said.

The Bruce Highway Action Plan was announced back in 2012. The plan documents 10 years of upgrades for the highway and is part of a 10 billion package for regional Queensland. 

One particular part of the highway, in Townsville, is of particular focus post-Ita. The seven-kilometre stretch of road between Vantassel Street and Cluden site is due for completion in mid-2015.

Mr Emerson explained work flood repairs are currently underway at a cost of 137 million, split between the Queensland and Australian governments.

"From mid next month, motorists will see more activity on the highway as we start to move traffic to new and temporary traffic lanes, particularly around Abbott Street and Lakeside Drive," he said. 

Fleet managers can assist drivers who travel along the highway by installing fleet management software. With maintenance checks managed and services completed on time, vehicles can tackle the journey with confidence.