Variable Message Signs installed on Western Ring Road

The federal minister for road safety Catherine King has officially switched on four new Variable Message Signs on the Victorian Western Ring Road.

The signs, which are spread out between the Calder Freeway and Sydney Road, are expected to reduce congestion and improve driver safety along this critical route.

"These signs will allow administrators to quickly communicate information to M80 users, advising of everything from a vehicle breakdown to changed speed limits," explained Ms King, speaking at an official ceremony on April 17.

"This is just one part of the Australian government’s record $6.8 billion commitment to Nation Building Program projects to rebuild and renew Victoria’s road, rail and public transport infrastructure."

The new signs are currently able to automatically display variable speed limits as well as information about lane availability. Their presence should help significantly reduce traffic build up on the road and therefore reduce fuel consumption for motorists.

That's good news for any Victorian fleet manager who regularly has drivers utilising this popular stretch of highway.

Furthermore, Ms King says that the signs will also be able to display information about travel times, planned roading and construction works, and any potential incidents that might be disrupting traffic.

"Key information such as this will help motorists make informed decisions before entering the freeways," said Ms King.

The Victorian government is also working towards installing new intelligent traffic lights on freeway entry ramps, which can automatically detect how congested the freeway is at any given time.

If required, the traffic lights will be able to switch on and control traffic flow in order to reduce congestion and improve the consistency of travel time.