Vehicle maintenance essential to winter driving safety

Organising regular servicing and maintenance is an important part of effective fleet management all year round, whether the sun is shining or not.

During the winter months however, unpredictable weather and difficult conditions can mean that it becomes even more essential to ensure all your company vehicles are in good condition.

Even small things, such as the condition of window wipers and tyre pressure, can have serious implications to driver safety if not regularly checked and serviced.

Utilising a fleet management service which can organise regular, cost-effective fleet maintenance is one of the best ways to demonstrate a commitment to the safety of your drivers.

At the same time, you can greatly reduce the risk of more expensive issues arising down the line, by preventing potential accidents and fixing mechanical issues before they are allowed to be compounded.

Because fleet services can keep an accurate and consistent record of all past maintenance conducted on vehicles, you are also guaranteed that the same work is not performed multiple times unnecessarily.

Furthermore, the best fleet management services will be able to offer discounts on parts and cost of labour, and all bills can be compiled into one easy to manage monthly invoice.

We all have a responsibility to keeping each other safe on the roads, so no matter how you choose to organise it, make sure that your vehicles are in good condition this winter.