Victoria easing burden of oversize permits

If your fleet includes a number of heavy vehicles and routinely travels through Victoria, you may be encouraged to hear VicRoads has come on board to ease the burden of delays affecting access permits for oversize and overmass vehicles.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is handing over its duties to VicRoads to help businesses, heavy vehicle operators and invested fleet management teams keep operating.

Victorian Minister for Roads Terry Mulder said the Victorian Government and VicRoads decided to step in after receiving complaints about delays in permit approvals.

"We are concerned that the heavy vehicle industry in Victoria is being hampered by not receiving access permits from the federal regulator in a timely manner, to allow them to operate," Mr Mulder said in a February 20 media release.

On Tuesday, February 25, VicRoads will officially become the point of contact for oversize, overmass and special purpose vehicle operators planning to travel in Victoria. However, those drivers planning to travel interstate will still need to apply to the NHVR for their access permit.

Mr Mulder explained the responsibility of processing access permits would return to the NHVR once capability had been established and tested.

"While there is no time frame on this temporary measure, the NHVR needs more time to get its operational processes and technology in order so it can support the industry in the right manner," he said.

"We are absolutely supportive of the national laws and the one point of contact. It's just disappointing we have encountered some issues in this transition period."

Mr Mulder has thanked those working in transport for their patience over the past fortnight as VicRoads, NHVR and the government battled to overcome the frustrations facing the industry.

"VicRoads will be providing information to industry stakeholders in the coming days and we ask the industry to work with us during this period," he said.