Victoria road law changes cause concern for fleet managers

New Victorian road laws mean companies could be liable for traffic offences. Such changes could have significant repercussions for fleet managers.

Drivers who breach road law - by receiving speeding tickets, running red lights or by receiving tolling, council or parking fines, for example - will leave their companies open to fines of $2,900, the new road law states.

What's more, if the same vehicle is found to breach the rule three consecutive times, the fine increases to $17,000.

In what is sure to cause concern for fleet managers, if these drivers cause traffic offences in a registered company vehicle, the fine will be sent out to the company address, leaving them to pick up the bill.

The new government law states that ignorance is not an excuse. Organisations looking to avoid this fine must be able to prove who was driving the vehicle and when in order to nominate that driver and avoid the fine.

Failure to record and present this information will not protect the company and will see them accept the fine by default.

Businesses looking to comply with this law, and avoid an astronomical fine, will either need to be familiar with advanced fleet management themselves or use a service that is.

Fleet management services

As a preventative measure, fleet management software provides strategic reporting that can be used to keep track of driver activity when out on the road, with the ultimate aim of avoiding breaches and fines.

Exception reporting assists by identifying vehicles that could become a problem and helping to ensure best practice is met among employees.

If drivers do commit traffic offences, the software offers the means to identify those responsible.

Fleet reports are stored securely in a private cloud. First, this means that a large investment in hardware is not necessary as all records are kept online. This also ensures they can be accessed instantly.

Secondly, each report can be downloaded in full if managers ever need to present their evidence to the state authority.

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