Victorian fleets invited to trial electric green cars

If you are a Victorian fleet manager looking to improve environmental efficiency and fuel economy, you may be interested in a new initiative aimed at encouraging greater use of green cars amongst Australian businesses.

The Electric Vehicle Trial program allows organisations in Victoria to apply for the use of one or more electric vehicles for a period of upwards of one year.

Fleets that have already participated in the trial include those belonging to AGL Energy, Bosch security, car insurance providers RACV and Melbourne Airport.

According to minister for transport Terry Mulder, the program offers Victorian businesses a great opportunity to trial green cars as part of their fleet while learning about how these unique vehicles worked.

"Today we’re calling on corporate fleet operators, car-hire and car-share operators, and event organisers to try an electric vehicle and tell us about their experiences," said Mr Mulder.

"This information will highlight the opportunities and issues for making the transition to electric vehicles part of Victoria’s transport future."

Mr Mulder also expressed hope that the initiative will give more Victorian residents an opportunity to drive a green car for themselves, which the minister expects will "generate word-of-mouth and increase overall awareness and understanding in the community".

Any Victorian business interested in participating in the program should visit the Victorian Department of Transport website, where applications will be open until the close of business on October 31.

The Victorian Department of Transport website also features an online presentation explaining why the trial is taking place.

Amongst the advantages of electric cars cited are that they make better financial sense, produce no tailpipe emissions or greenhouse gas and also encourage job growth.

According to the Victorian Department of Transport, Victoria is one of only 15 places in the world where a car can be taken completely through the production line, from design to the showroom.