Victorian government announces changes to state speed limits

Every Australian fleet manager should be aware of impending changes to speed limits in Victoria, announced by minister for roads Terry Mulder yesterday (August 14).

The overhaul is intended to simplify the system while removing clutter, and will eventually see the phasing out of 80 km/hour buffer zones as well as 90 km/hour and 70 km/hour areas.

"We will review each of the areas with 90 km/hour or 70 km/hour signs on a case-by-case basis. This will occur with extensive consultation, and won't happen overnight. For now, many 70 km/hour and 90 km/hour speed limits will remain in place," said VicRoads executive director for road safety and network access David Shelton.

"The changes to speed limits represent a balance between smoothing out travel speeds and the safety of all road users."

The announcement follows recommendations submitted by the Speed Limit Advisory Group, which consists of representatives from the Victorian police, the Transport Accident Commission and the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria, among others.

The overhaul will also see new guidelines put in place in order to clarify which areas should be 40 km/hour, with the aim of maximising pedestrian safety while also avoiding unnecessary slowdown for drivers.

The changes may cause initial confusion amongst road users, so now could be a good time to remind your drivers of the importance of staying aware on the roads at all times.

There are also fleet services available which can assist with paying speeding fines and infringement management, and these are useful for ensuring that vehicles stay registered and on the road as much as possible.