Victorian government announces West Gate Freeway management system project

The Victorian government has announced that work will soon be getting underway on the installation of an electronic freeway management system along the West Gate Freeway in Melbourne.

Visionstream is the vendor which has been chosen to undertake the work, and the project - which will be jointly funded by both the federal and Victorian governments - is scheduled to be completed by mid-2014.

According to federal infrastructure and transport minister Anthony Albanese, the project will help ensure a faster, safer and less frustrating driving experience for the 160,000 motorists who use the highway on a daily basis.

Victorian minister for roads Terry Mulder has echoed these predictions, noting that the freeway management system will ensure Victoria maintains its reputation as a leader in the use of smart freeway technology.

"The project will upgrade the existing smart technology on the freeway and include installation of lane use signs that advise drivers of which lanes to use, as well as new side-mounted variable speed limit signs allowing for speeds to be adjusted to suit conditions," said Mr Mulder.

"There will also be closed circuit television cameras and an upgrade of supporting communications networks and central control systems."

Mr Albanese says that electronic freeway management systems, applied nationwide, could save Australians more than $500 million a year in reduced petrol consumption.

That's good news for any fleet manager concerned about the ongoing fuel consumption of the organisation's vehicles, and who might have been looking for ways to reduce general fleet expenses.

The Victorian government is planning to eventually integrate the West Gate Freeway management system with the M1 Motorway east of Williamstown Road and also with the M80 Ring Road as well, according to Mr Mulder.