Victorian government initiative encourages safer driving around trucks

When it comes to improving the efficiency of your company fleet, it is important to minimise wastage and unnecessary expenses wherever possible.

Fleet management software, which can provide you with powerful reporting modules to help you decrease fuel consumption and improve driver behaviour, is a great tool in this department.

Another excellent way to reduce the risk of unnecessary costs arising, and to improve the safety of your drivers as well, is to ensure they are well educated as to how to prevent crashes or other such incidents on the roads.

Driver education needn't be complicated and can be as simple as reminding them about a few simple road safety tips, as shown by a recently launched Victorian government initiative aimed at encouraging safer driving behaviour around trucks.

As part of this, the Road to Respect campaign truck has been touring the state, providing interactive and educational displays as well as games and activities, all designed to foster greater respect between car and truck drivers.

"Many were quite surprised by the distance required for a truck to stop and it’s been a great learning experience for them. "Don't cut in front of trucks" is a pretty simple message," said minister for roads Terry Mulder (October 5).

"Ninety per cent of the visitors surveyed said they are now more aware of the importance of sharing the road safely with trucks."

Most recently the truck was on display in Yarrawonga, but it will now move on to Sunbury, before visiting Geelong and Sale later this month and into early November.

A competition has also been running on the Road to Respect Roadshow Facebook page in which people are encouraged to submit their ideas for slogans to be used on official campaign posters.

The first winner was "Treat your road neighbour as you would like to be treated", while the second was "Open your eyes to blind spots".

The campaign serves as a useful reminder of the importance of staying safe and vigilant on the roads, and it might be worthwhile passing on information about the Road to Respect Roadshow to your drivers.