Victorian government invests in road safety

A $55 million investment from the Victorian government is funding a vast improvement in the safety of roads in the state.

A notoriously dangerous intersection of the Calder Highway and Calder Alternate Highway in Ravenswood is just one of the areas receiving significant upgrades aimed at ensuring a safer driving experience for Victorian road users.

"Approximately $31 million has been allocated to improve intersection safety, while $24 million will be spent on works to reduce the incidence and severity of head-on and run-off-road crashes," said premier Ted Baillieu on Friday (August 17).

"Improving our road infrastructure is just one of the many ways that we can contribute to lowering the road toll and reducing serious injury crashes."

The investment will be seen as good news by companies which operate a fleet of vehicles, as it will hopefully cut down on the risk of an on road incident while driving in Victoria.

Another good way to help reduce the risk of an accident is through ensuring that regular fleet maintenance procedures are undertaken, and this is one area where software for fleet management can help.

Fleet management software can also offer 24/7 roadside assistance and accident management services, to ensure that if your drivers are involved in an incident they can get help quickly and easily.

Amongst the road safety initiatives being funded by the Victorian government will be run-off-road prevention treatments, such as safety barriers and tactile edgelines, as well as intersection improvements.