Victorian road infrastructure set to soar

Victoria's state budget this month has given fleet managers something to smile over.

The government has committed a further $1.5 billion on to improving the roads across the state as well as two massive projects in the works.

Inner city roads around Melbourne have been riddled with congestion and accidents in recent years and this decision from the government could not only increase safety but also dramatically reduce commuter and delivery times.

As Victoria's population increases, the pressure on the road network was only going to get worse so the announcement from Minister for Roads Terry Mulder comes at a good time.

"Our investment will go towards both massive infrastructure projects, like the full East West Link and the Citylink-Tulla Widening, as well as crucial projects such as regional road duplications, level crossing removals and road maintenance," he said.

"These projects headline an unprecedented investment in our road network, which is vital to prosperity and liveability - connecting our cities and towns, reducing travel times and congestion."

Fleet services in the east of Melbourne will welcome the improved commute time introduced by the 18 kilometre completed connection between the Eastern Freeway and the Western Ring Road.

Mr Mulder said Melbourne's road network had not seen such improved infrastructure since the Westgate Bridge and Citylink were built.

"The Citylink-Tulla Widening project will boost capacity by 30 per cent on one of Melbourne's busiest road corridors, cutting travel times and reducing the risk of accidents," he said.

According to Victoria's Transport Accident Commission there have been 87 fatalities on state roads this year so the changes were desperately needed.

The Victorian state budget will also fund a number of projects including:

  • 362 million to create another Princes Highway between Winchelsea and Colac
  • 685.3 million to remove more level crossings
  • 56.2 million for the Transport Solutions initiative that is working on freeing heavy haul routes around the state
  • 23.6 million for projects to improve congestion on inner city roads