Victoria's speed camera campaign

Accidents happen, and the faster a driver is going, the greater the damage will be to them and their vehicle.

It is therefore in the best interest of every fleet manager in Victoria to support the government's 'See the Bigger Picture: Cameras Save Lives' campaign.

This campaign was launched in November last year and, according to minister for police and emergency services Kim Wells, has since instilled approximately one in four Australians with its message that "cameras save lives".

Plans to create such a campaign were made in response to the auditor-general's report, titled Road Safety Camera Program August 2011, which revealed that most Australians view speed cameras as a way for the government to make money, rather than save lives.

"Despite clear evidence to the contrary," reported the Auditor-General, "there is ongoing public concern that the [speed cameras] program is revenue-raising, inaccurate or not soundly grounded in improving road safety outcomes".

According to the 'Cameras Save Lives' website, speed is a factor in 30 per cent of road deaths and every five kilometres a driver strays over the speed limit doubles their chance of being involved in a serious road accident.

Speed cameras have so far managed to reduce the number of lives lost on Australian roads by a third, and it is hoped that this campaign will make people less suspicious and more appreciative of these cameras' life-saving properties.

If those driving the vehicles in your fleet, as well as others on the roads, stick to the speed limits, your vehicles are less likely to incur damages.

This will save you a lot of money when it comes to fleet maintenance, and will also make you feel just that little bit better about sending your employees out onto the roads.