WA prepares highway of the future

The international push for green cars is now gaining significant momentum in Australia, with WA committing to making electric vehicles a viable transport method throughout the state.

In comparison to their hybrid counterparts, electric vehicles have a smaller range and can't be filled up at traditional petrol stations. The upside? No emissions, and eager fleet managers can 'refuel' (charge) their vehicles at work if needed. 

In the US, electric car manufacturer Tesla has installed its own set of fast charging stations for its users, an initiative also underway here on the east coast. 

Royal Automobile Club (RAC) WA is following a similar plan, and will connect Perth to south west WA with fast charging stations along the state's main highway. 

The Electric Highway - An Australian first

RAC believes it is offering Perth a landmark project that is a first for the nation. It's also borne out of necessity, as electric vehicles currently cannot visit the south west of the state due to range limitations. This is also the first step towards having a connected nation, where electric vehicle owners can reliably traverse the nation's roads from one end to the other. 

There are a number of other benefits that will emerge from the scheme. Ultimately, RAC WA is attempting to foster the growth of the electric car in Australia, which will lead to less greenhouse gas emissions from transport. Thanks to this new Electric Highway, the south west of WA should also receive more tourists in environmentally friendly cars. 

"RAC is committed to promoting environmentally friendly transport options and reducing CO2 emissions," said Executive General Manager Pat Walker. 

"The RAC Electric Highway is another step on the road to a sustainable future."

Eleven fast charging stations will be set up along the highway, which will be free to use until the end of this year.