Want to save money and the environment?

All car owners in Australia know that our four-wheeled friends are a significant contributor to air pollution.

According to the Australian Automobile Association (AAA), as the numbers of drivers and vehicles on our roads continues to increase, the public is becoming more and more concerned about the effect Australia's driving habits are having on the environment.

Most people believe that discovering new fuels and manufacturing more green cars is the answer, rather than reducing the amount of driving we do as a nation.

One of the ways you can ensure the vehicles in your fleet are not contributing more than their fair share of fuel emissions to the urban air is by utilising fleet software that record how much fuel they are using.

Contracting Smartfleet to monitor and report on your vehicles' fuel usage will help you limit your impact on the environment, as well as reduce your fleet costs at the same time.

We will keep your "fuel files" in order, so you can quickly and easily access all of your fleet's fuel-related information.

Reports on individual drivers, vehicles and departments within your company will be compiled, so you can see for yourself which cars are using the most fuel.

We can also offer you advice on using alternative fuels and changing driver behaviour, so that they will get from A to B in a more fuel-efficient manner.

Speaking of fuel-efficiency, one of Smartfleet's most innovative fleet services is our ability to determine how fuel efficient your vehicles are.

We do this by checking how much fuel a vehicle is actually using and comparing this number with the amount of fuel the manufacturer has specified the vehicle should be going through.

With our fleet management software, its easy to keep your fleet's impact on the environment in check and save money while you're at it.