Warrego Highway to offer better fleet safety

Fleet drivers in Queensland will see their journey times greatly improved as the 714 kilometre Warrego Highway receives a much needed upgrade.

Stretching from Charleville in the East all the way to the west coast, the highway is an essential transport link for heavy goods vehicles, as well as smaller fleets. The road provides a straight shot for landlocked businesses to reach the western ocean and foreign export markets.

However, safety has constantly been under the microscope, with the busy highway liable to damage and congestion. The new $635 million upgrade will see the road upgraded to two lanes in both directions, benefiting both Queensland road users and others trying to find the easiest, quickest route through the area.

Queensland Minister for Transport and Main Roads Scott Emerson said that by doubling the size of the road, traffic will be reduced and safety greatly improved.

"The duplication will separate eastbound and westbound traffic, markedly reducing the chances of head-on collisions," he explained in a report by The Chronicle.

Meanwhile, Executive Manager at the Royal Automotive Club of Queensland Michael Roth said the upgrade should lead to drivers taking less risks.

"[Drivers are] not keen on long delays behind slow trucks. It is a dangerous section with a large amount of freight traffic and local traffic due to its proximity to Toowoomba."

With 15 upgrade projects being implemented on different stretches of the highway, the project should start in its entirety by 2017, meaning fleet services will be able to reap notable benefits.

With twice the road capacity available, the time drivers spend on the road should reduce dramatically - particularly in rush hour traffic and as they pass through cities and major townships.

This should also prove to be beneficial to a fleet's fuel consumption, as well as allowing drivers to maintain greater levels of concentration and reducing the frustration from poor traffic flow.