Western Australian car thefts double that of other states

Losing assets to theft can be a testing time for a company, particularly if those assets are essential tools for everyday business. The time it takes for recovery or insurance claims to come through can result in a company struggling to continue with its day-to-day processes.

When a company has fleet vehicle stolen, it can begin to immediately put productivity, customer care and revenue in deficit.

Fortunately for fleet managers, car thefts are plummeting across the nation, though some regions are proving safer than others, a recent report shows.

Western Australians more vulnerable

According to the latest findings by the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council (NMVTRC), Western Australia tops all other states for car thefts, with almost four in every 1,000 registered vehicles pilfered last year.

In comparison, South Australia and Tasmania boast almost half that rate. Its closest competitors were still some way off, with New South Wales averaging 3.2 stolen cars per 1000 registrations, Queensland 2.9 and Victoria 2.6.

Business fleets a target

Commercial vehicles made up 32,070 of 42,631 thefts last year. Although the number is falling, businesses are still finding themselves at risk from thieves.

Following on from last month's Royal Automotive Association warning, the NMVTRC advised vehicle owners to secure their property and protect their keys from theft, because this type of burglary can still come as a surprise to most.

New cars safer from theft

The industry body said the sophistication of ant-theft technologies made newer models safer.

"The increasing penetration of electronic immobilisers across the Australian vehicle fleet has made a major contribution to improving the nation's theft performance," the report explained.

"In Western Australia more than 90 per cent of all vehicles are protected by an immobiliser due to the state's compulsory retro-fitting program of the last decade."

With new cars less likely to be successfully stolen, fleet services may benefit from an upgrade at some point in the near future, to ensure their vehicles are on the cutting edge of security. Fleet managers may also want to take extra precautions over key distribution.

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