What can fleet managers learn from celebrity car choices?

Celebrities aren't always known for their fantastic decision making, but all other discretions aside, some of them have made excellent car choices. Fleet managers can actually learn a lot from celebrities, with plenty of them doing their bit to promote green cars and awareness of pollution issues. 

Naturally, not all celebrity car collections would provide an appropriate analogue for business fleets in Australia, as Floyd Mayweather's multiple Bugatti Veyrons are unlikely to be suitable in either tight city streets or on open outback roads. 

Instead, here are the best options we could find for fleet managers:

Toyota Prius embraced by celebrities

The Toyota was much more than just a car when it first hit the scene in the late 90s, with the vehicle swiftly becoming a statement for celebrities who purchased one - such as Leonardo DiCaprio. 

For these early adopters, the Toyota Prius was a public message that reflected the driver's stance on environmental issues and was a poster child for the green car movement. 

The key to the car's success is its hybrid powertrain, with a traditional petrol engine augmented by an electric motor to create a vehicle that - at the time - was much more fuel efficient than anything else on the market. 

Even today, the Prius is still a focal point in Toyota's lineup, with no sign of it taking a back seat any time soon. 

Could the Tesla Model S take Toyota's crown?

In terms of celebrity status symbols, the Tesla is the first vehicle in a long time to rival Toyota as the most desirable environmentally friendly car. Everyone from noted car collector Jay Leno to Cameron Diaz has been spotted in the all-electric vehicle, apparently now the green car of choice for stars looking to reduce their carbon footprint. 

While it's noticeably pricier than the Prius, the Tesla does have a few notable advantages. The main one is the complete lack of fuel consumption. While the Toyota Prius still uses petrol so its internal combustion engine can act as a generator for the electric motor, the Tesla Model S is completely petrol free. 

The result? No emissions. Tesla's Model S is charged at home or at "Supercharger" stations - think a petrol station for electric cars - using nothing but electricity. 

It's no wonder then that it's become a status symbol for the world's movie stars, but the car is also becoming a celebrity in itself. For fleet managers looking to turn heads while saving the environment, there's not much competition.