What cars do millennials like?

Managing millennials - those born between 1981 and 1997 - in the workplace has long been a discussion for employers, as they're the generation that's grown up with the digital technologies currently reshaping global businesses. 

Thankfully, fleet managers are set to have an easy time working with millennials, as new research has revealed the type of car they most like. 

Those with a keen eye for automotive trends aren't likely to be surprised by the news, with technology research expert Frost & Sullivan revealing that millennials will be targeted by compact and crossover SUVs. 

This relatively new market segment has already taken the car-buying public by storm, but the firm reported that manufacturers are looking to further focus their efforts on the lucrative millennial audience. 

According to Frost & Sullivan, the market for these vehicles grew by 40 per cent between 2012 and 2014, an increase from 3.2 million sales to more than 7 million. 

The firm prepared a list of design features that it believes are most attractive to millennials, including reduced fuel consumption, a unique design language and the ability to go off-road if need be. Based on these emerging trends, Automotive & Transportation Consultant Sujeesh Kurup believes there is further potential for growth. 

"Finding the optimal balance between platform consolidation, lightweighting and vehicle fuel may well prove critical to OEMs' growth," he said.

"They need to focus on these areas not only to meet their business goals, but also to be able to offer customers a great value proposition."

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries discovered that Australians already have a love for SUVs, with the vehicles continuing their upward trend. July sales for SUVs in 2015 were up 13.4 per cent on the same time period last year, indicating that the country's SUV purchasing has further room to grow.