What to look for in a new fleet vehicle

There comes a time in the lives of most fleet managers when cashing in your old vehicles while they are still worth something and buying new ones is a good idea.

Newer cars generally offer more in terms of fuel economy and safety technology - not always, but often.

But what should you look for when buying a new car? According to Roy Morgan Research there are three points that stand out the most among Australian consumers, and they could be things to think about before making your final purchasing decision.

Fuel consumption

Aussie consumers want fuel efficiency above all else. This is hardly surprising considering the price of petrol and diesel, and fleet managers will no doubt think the same. Remember, there are other ways to reduce fuel consumption in your fleet, but a vehicle with lower carbon emissions is a good place to start.

A proven track record

When buying a new car, many will stick with an automotive brand they know gives them what they want. While this is often a safe stance, you may be missing out on potentially better options. When a fleet has multiple cars, this could prove significant, so it might be time for a manufacturer change after all.


Understandably, people want to be protected on the road as much as possible. This is surely a matter for fleet managers, too. Not meeting their health and safety commitments can be damaging in terms of their drivers' wellbeing and the business's finances. Many new cars come with a range of airbags and safety assistance technology, making great cars stand out from the less-safe options.

If you are struggling to choose the right car for your fleet - and have it meet your high expectations after purchase - Smartfleet can help with a range of tailored assistance and fleet services.

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