What will you look for in your next fleet vehicle?

There are plenty of considerations to make when shopping for your next fleet vehicle.

The options can be as varied as the jobs at hand. However, fleet managers will likely be looking for a few key elements to make sure the new fleet continues to provide a solid return on investment.

Here are four consideration for your next new vehicle purchase.


This one is no surprise. Keeping drivers safe on the road is perhaps the biggest concern for many fleet managers, and a precursor for business growth.

The real question is: how safe do you want your new vehicles to be?

Not every business will need their cars to be as protected as the Australian government's new fleet of BMWs, which have been purchased in time to host November's G20 summit.

Tony Abbott's new order of nine BMW 750i models may be able to withstand grenades and machine gun fire, but how relevant is that to your needs? Unless you have a spare $6.2 million, the answer is probably not very.

Assessing the safety demands of a fleet can take some time and research - especially with new ratings coming into play - but ultimately, matching the safety needs with a budget and knowing that drivers are protected is a rewarding part of fleet management.


What do you need your fleet to do? The Australian Bureau of Statistics found that out of all the new car sales in August, sports utility vehicles increased by 0.3 per cent to round off three months of growth.

Space can become an issue if drivers are likely to be carrying tools, products, passengers or other loads. Ideally, identifying a maximum load early will reduce the amount of time the vehicle spends on the road, with all the petrol, maintenance and wage saving benefits that can bring.

Maximum weight carriage rules and transit laws should also be a consideration.

Fuel efficiency

No one wants to overpay on fuel, and frankly, high performance is probably low on the list for any fleet manager in the market for new vehicles.

Now more than ever, good deals can be found on vehicles that will lower car fuel consumption.

If fuel- and eco-conscious driving is one of your business's main concerns, there are a number of green cars that could suit your needs.

Currently, the Mitsubishi iMiEV and Nissan Leaf are Australia's most highly rated green cars, according to the government's Green Vehicle Guide.

The market is strong for eco-wary businesses, however, with manufacturers striving to give their fuel mileage value for money. 

Fleet services

Along with fuel consumption management, a number of solutions are already available for decision-makers looking to optimise their fleet management.

As well as top-of-the-range monitoring and performance overview software, a number of unique services are on offer, including a vehicle procurement service and vehicle maintenance procedure.

Expert fleet management advice is on hand to improve and simplify your next new vehicle decision.