Which Aussie car manufacturer has the best customer service?

How would you rate your current fleet vehicles? If you are unhappy with the cars you use every day, you may be looking at better options.

However, with so many things to think about - from fuel consumption to purchase costs - it can be difficult to determine what a "better option" actually is.

What's more, being satisfied with your fleet vehicles goes beyond the purchasing stage. It will be important that your car dealer continues to live up to your high standards by providing spare parts at a reasonable cost, offering appropriate maintenance facilities and providing an overall good level of customer service.

So, if you are a fleet manager looking at changing vehicles, you will want to choose a car from a manufacturer that offers a high level of after-sales care, if your business is to meet your own customers' high expectations.

A recent in-depth report from J.D. Power analysed the many factors that make up good customer support and discovered the leading car brands in Australia.

Using an extensive 1,000-point scale, Mazda came out on top for the second year running, with a score of 806.

Subaru pulled into second place with 804 points, followed closely by Toyota (802), Holden (794) and Hyundai (791), each showing above-average fleet maintenance services.

"The overall customer satisfaction index achieved this year was 790 out of a possible 1,000 points. This represents an improvement of 8 points compared to last year's study," J.D. Power's Senior Country Manager for Australia, Loi Truong, explained.

One of the reasons for an annual growth in the car servicing industry is from a wider adoption of service centre price caps. Fleet managers and motorists alike now have a better understanding of the cost of repairs and maintenance prior to the work being done.

The 2014 study found that 67 per cent of customers received a price estimate from their dealer before the work commenced - up from 63 per cent last year. More than three-quarters (77 per cent) also received a breakdown and an explanation of the charges after servicing.

These improvements to fleet maintenance were shown across the board of customer services, Mr Truong continued.

"Improvement this year shows that the Australian authorised service centres have really lifted their game. In particular, vehicle pick-up showed improvements of 15 points compared to last year," he explained.

"Service quality and service facility both [improved] 9 points. Not to mention, as well, service advisors - the importance of this role has also seen improvements of six points compared to last year's results."