Which car manufacturer do Australians like the most?

A number of Australians will have sentimental preferences when it comes to their cars. Especially those who have a connection to pillars of Australian automobile manufacturing Ford and Holden. 

But has this tribal rivalry held up over time? A new study from Roy Morgan Research has found that tastes have changed, with fleet managers looking to follow the herd or stand out from the crowd given a lot to think about. 

What brands do Australians prefer?

Roy Morgan research surveyed a proportion of the 2.3 million Australians looking to purchase new cars over the coming years to see which brands they had their eye on. According to the firm, fuel consumption and safety systems are the most influential factors for people searching for the perfect car. 

Japanese manufacturer Toyota has led the poll by a significant margin over it's nearest rival, with just over a third (36.5 per cent) of all respondents indicating that it's a brand they like. As if this lead wasn't substantial enough, Roy Morgan Research highlighted that this is an increase over their previous years' results. 

In second place was BMW, receiving 28.8 per cent of support ahead of Mercedes (27.8 per cent), Audi (25.7 per cent) and Mazda (25.4 per cent). 

The organisation is quick to point out that these results will not necessarily lead to a proportionate number of purchases, as respondents were asked to rank their choices irrespective of affordability. Despite this, the results shed an interesting light on what Australians could be buying if they had their way. 

"How consumers perceive a brand can make or break its success in the marketplace," explained Industry Director - Automotive Jordan Pakes. 

"Cautious consumers are unlikely to buy products from a brand they don't like, especially when that purchase is something as substantial as a new car."