Which habits annoy Queensland drivers?

No matter what you are doing on the road, it is important to stay calm and in control. However, this can sometimes be a challenge, especially when other drivers seem to be doing their best to behave inappropriately. 

The Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) has compiled a survey of the behaviours that annoy Queensland drivers the most, providing valuable lessons for fleet management

Did your pet peeves make the list?

RACQ details the worst driver habits

For the first time since the RACQ began producing the survey, mobile phone use while driving has topped the list of Queensland drivers' least favourite motoring behaviours. The result aligns with the organisation's view on the matter, with the illegal behaviour coming under increased scrutiny recently. 

According to the RACQ, there needs to be an increase in the level of deterrence exercised by police. 

"Mobile phone use while driving is a hard rule for police to monitor and enforce and it may be the reason for this growing problem," said Lauren Ritchie, a member of the RACQ media team.

"For a law to be effective there has to be enough of a deterrent. Do people think they're going to be caught and are the risks of a fine and three demerit points enough to stop them?"

The second most annoying behaviour, according to Queensland drivers, is equally unsafe. Respondents felt that tailgating was the second worst quality in other motorists, ahead of drivers who speed up in the passing lane and those who litter from their vehicles. 

A running theme through the listed behaviours was respect, or lack thereof. All of the behaviours listed display a lack of concern for the safety or wellbeing of other motorists, Ms Ritchie explained. 

"As motorists, we need to remember we're all sharing the road. Courtesy plays a big part in keeping our roads safe," she continued. 

Fleet managers should ensure their drivers are behaving safely at all times in order to make the roads safer and calmer for themselves and others.