Why you should check your fleet's tyres this Christmas season

It's no secret that regular fleet maintenance and servicing is an important part of ensuring that your drivers stay safe and in control on the roads.

This is an area where fleet services can assist, by ensuring all vehicles are kept to a timely and economic maintenance schedule and also by securing discounts on labour, as well as on replacement parts, such as tyres.

Ensuring all the vehicles in your organisation's fleet have tyres that are in good safe condition should be an absolute priority for any respectable fleet manager.

As tyres are the contact point between a car and the road surface, they are critical towards maintaining grip, control and stability at all times

One of the most common failings seen amongst tyres on cars in Australia is that they are bald, meaning that the outer tread has worn away.

All tyres wear out over time, but this process can often be accelerated through poor or unsafe driving, or from other issues in the car such as an imbalance in the suspension. 

Bald tyres are far more likely to lead to a lack of traction against the road and cause the driver to lose control when cornering or braking, potentially causing dangerous accidents or damage.

Another thing to look out for is under inflated tyres, which can also be incredibly dangerous.

Under Inflated tyres will often generate more heat and friction against the road than the manufacturer intended, potentially leading to blow outs or punctures.

For these reasons, it is essential that you ensure that all vehicles in your fleet are being taken to a specialist mechanic regularly, to ensure that their tyres are up to scratch.

By adhering to a strict fleet maintenance schedule, and by educating your drivers as to how to drive safely when out and about during the busy summer period, we can all ensure we have a safe and happy summer on the roads.