Wide infrastructure upgrades in SA

Fleet services travelling along the busy Barrier Highway should see some significant safety improvements in the coming months, with an announcement from the state government.

Beginning this month, road shoulders will be installed along a 22 kilometre stretch of the highway. This initiative is expected to improve road safety by minimising the risk of off-road and head-on accidents. 

The project will be located  in mid-north South Australia between Hallett and Terowie and the work is expected to be finished by the end of September.

Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Stephen Mullighan said the congestion in the area will also improve because of the road shoulders.

"Shoulder sealing also allows left turning traffic to use the sealed shoulder, which assists in reducing delays for through traffic," he said.

This $3.3 million safety project is part of a wider initiative from the State Government's Shoulder Sealing Program. There were also other important road safety projects illustrated recently as part of the state budget - announced last week.

Regional South Australia stands to receive the bulk of the upgrades, with fleet services using Victor Harbor Road, Main South Road and Port Augusta to Port Wakefield Road set to enjoy safer journeys in the future. Close to $20 million will be spent on those routes in the next year which covers road widening, shoulder sealing and audio tactile devices.

Congestion on two of the other important state connections - the Dukes Highway and South Eastern Freeway - will also improve with the construction of additional overtaking lanes at a cost of $350,000.

With South Australia's infrastructure set to dramatically improve over the next year, it is vital that fleets also address their safety.

Having sufficient fleet management software provides 24/7 roadside assistance should you encounter any breakdowns. It can also remind fleet managers of vehicles which need servicing or maintenance checks.