Will your fleet do its part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

When most people think of eco-friendly cars and drivers, their minds go directly to fuel consumption. They assume that the goal is to purchase greener vehicles that use less petrol on a per-kilometre-travelled basis, thereby reducing their carbon footprint and bolstering the world's sustainability.

Greenhouse gas emissions are a key part of the green driving dilemma, and they go overlooked all too often.

They're not wrong about this, but they're not capturing the whole truth, either. Greenhouse gas emissions are another part of the green driving dilemma, and they're an aspect that goes overlooked all too often by car owners and drivers. Every time you get behind the wheel, you're adding another tiny little hole in the ozone layer.

As a fleet manager, it's crucial to acknowledge this issue and address it.

Consumption's not the whole story

It's obviously important to pay attention to car fuel consumption - but if that's the only focus of your fleet management operations, you're probably making a mistake. Greenhouse gas emissions are a serious issue as well. According to the Australian Government Climate Change Authority, it's not just big trucks and airplanes that cause emissions. Light vehicles account for 10% of the greenhouse gases emitted in Australia today.

The climate change organisation also pointed out that emissions are expected to grow between now and 2030. This is because demand for high-emissions vehicles is outpacing the rise in efficiency. Something must be done to close this gap.

Greener cars are an absolute must

The good news is that fleet managers do have the ability to make a difference when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions. Research from the United States Environmental Protection Agency indicated that one thing they can do is buy more green cars. Automakers are getting better about publicising the carbon footprint of each new vehicle they release. This information should drive purchasing decisions.

It's time for fleet managers to go greener.It's time for fleet managers to go greener.

Moreover, savvy managers today know the importance of preaching smarter driving strategies. Going easy on the gas and brake pedals and reducing time spent idling are both valuable strategies.

Report the data, track your progress

To make significant improvements in the area of greenhouse gas emissions, managers must pay attention. They must be continually tracking data and ensuring they don't fall behind. For this, there's no better resource than high-quality software for fleet management.

If you go with Smartfleet for precisely this purpose, you won't regret it. What you get from Smartfleet is powerful, real-time data reporting whenever you need it. Your information will be fully downloadable and securely backed up so that it's always available and never lost. If you're looking to make tangible improvements to your fleet management strategy, we can absolutely help with that.