Is your fleet ready for Halloween?

Love it or hate it, Halloween is just around the corner, which will lead to a night of trick-or-treating, jack-o'-lanterns and scary costumes for people throughout Australia. 

While most people will be dressing themselves up in honour of their favourite horror characters from over the decades, fleet managers are in the position to take things a step further. 

Why settle for cliched old costume ideas like ghosts, witches and Scream masks when you can dress up your whole car, truck or fleet? After all, McCrindle Research found that more than 70 per cent of Australians believe the country is opening up to the idea of the American holiday, so now is the perfect time to take a stand. Here are three examples for inspiration. 

1. 1958 Plymouth Fury - Stephen King's horror classic

There's little doubt this vehicle is the stuff of nightmares for fleet managers, and not just because of the terrifying fuel consumption figures associated with its hulking V8. 

The '80s film Christine was a meeting of two masters of horror, with famed director John Carpenter adapting a book by Stephen King. The story concerned the titular car - a 1958 Plymouth Fury - that was blood red and haunted by its past owner. 

Few vehicles would make a fleet stand out like recreation of one of film's most terrifying vehicular monsters. 

2. XB Falcon - Mad Max for mad managers

Is there a better disguise for the country's vehicles than a dead set Australian legend? While some will say the modifications needed to replicate the film's aesthetic aren't completely appropriate for a business, imagine how easy it would be to make trips into the outback. 

The pursuit special has been an icon since it made its debut in the first Mad Max film. However, the rest of the additions to the series proved that almost any vehicle can be styled according to its aesthetic. 

3. DeLorean DMC-12 - Never be late again

Not all Halloween costumes have to be scary, so why not celebrate a vehicle that owes its continued attention to a beloved film franchise. It's impossible to imagine how this car would be regarded if it wasn't immortalised in the Back to the Future franchise. 

In addition, Uber has already proven its value as a fleet vehicle, with the company transporting its customers in them as a publicity stunt. There's no word yet on how they powered the flux capacitor though. 

For further advice on how to prepare your fleet for any other situations that may arise, contact the experts at Smartfleet.