Pool Booking & Secure Key Box

By centralising the management and booking of your pool vehicles, your fleet's usage can be carefully monitored – so you'll know where you can reduce costs and fleet size and how to maximise the use of your current vehicles.

Our software caters for multiple vehicle pools and sites, and gives you the ability to create cost centres against pool car users. Vehicles can be booked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – so no need to worry about the time constraints of business hours.

Our dedication to making your fleet more efficient means that vehicles can even be booked using a priority setting – that is, you can set which cars should be booked first based on vehicles with low kilometres or with fuel efficient engines.

Of course, all records will be maintained based on any specifications you require, including drivers’ license details and all vehicle specifications (I.e. make, model, body type).

User access levels are varied to maintain security. 4 levels of access are available.

1. Customer service administrator: given full user functionality, including the ability to create other users on the system, and has visibility of company-wide information.
2. Pool car manager: given access to pool vehicle booking only, along with the ability to manage pool vehicle booking functions.
3. Pool car authorising officer: given more limited access to the pool vehicle booking system, including ability to authorise pool car users.
4. Pool car user: given basic access to pool vehicle booking system, including ability to book a vehicle and view own bookings and statuses.

Vehicle and employee calendars give daily, weekly and monthly visibility around vehicle bookings, and a complete end-to-end audit trail of every booking provides a summary of vehicle movement.

Utilisation reports will identify areas where there are too many vehicles, or not enough. Smartfleet will maintain accurate monthly kilometre readings, so that pool car managers are able to adjust the fleet mix to ensure an even spread of work load amongst vehicles.

Smartfleet will also provide consultation on short-term hiring of vehicles and negotiate costs where necessary.

An optional key storage facility for vehicle keys, linked to the Smartfleet system, can be offered. Keys can be accessed using a key pad or finger print security, and will only release the key that is programmed for the vehicle that is being checked out.

Customised reporting

For in-depth fleet intelligence, reports can be fully customised by Smartfleet to the specific requirements of your business. We cater for various organisational and corporate structures, reporting accountabilities, operational functions and financial requirements. Access to reports can be set at an authority level of your choosing.