Registration and Infringement Management

Smartfleet will record, track and manage the vehicle registration process on your behalf, whilst still giving you the opportunity to approve or reject registration renewal online. In addition, we will receive, store and email any infringements to a nominated client contact.
Smartfleet and your organisation will be alerted 90 days prior to an upcoming registration renewal. Online authorisation of registration renewals provides total transparency when registering vehicles, and will ensure that no registration payment is made by Smartfleet without the organisations consent. Any vehicle requiring inspections will be arranged by Smartfleet with the driver.
Aftre an e-inspection is completed Smartfleet will be able to pay the registration online. Smartfleet also procures CTPs from preffered suppliers at reduced fleet rates. If you have a fleet with a common expiry date that should be processed in bulk, we can ensure all vehicles are authorised, inspected and accounted for.
Infringement management
Non-payment of infringements can slow down the process of registration. Smartfleet can manage any outstanding fines and warrants to ensure this doesn’t happen.