Service and Maintenance Management

Our maintenance team ensures all service and maintenance carried out on the fleet is cost compliant. In fact, Smartfleet guarantees the most cost-effective outcome for your organisation by monitoring and managing all work performed on each vehicle.

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Vehicle servicing and repairs are in accordance with manufacturer guidelines and warranty requirements, and Smartfleet can consult on maintenance requirements based on the vehicle’s area of use. Your vehicle’s service history is recorded and reviewed by Smartfleet prior to any repairs to ensure the same work is not conducted twice, or unnecessarily. Customer-specific service schedules are also noted, as are preferred suppliers. Smartfleet will review your fleet and advise on potential safety issues and how to spot them, as well as offer advice on the best course of action to correct those issues. Of course, all transactions will be authorised as per your organisations guidelines, and a preferred supplier network will be established. As part of Smartfleet’s outsourced service, you will have access to discounted fleet rates for labour, parts and tyres – savings of up to 30% will apply thanks to our service network. In addition, drivers will receive automated service reminder emails so that all warranty conditions are maintained. There’s no need for you to keep track of multiple invoices – Smartfleet will provide one consolidated invoice at the end of each month.  

Service and Maintenance Booking Form

Customised reporting

For in-depth fleet intelligence, reports can be fully customised by Smartfleet to the specific requirements of your business. We cater for various organisational and corporate structures, reporting accountabilities, operational functions and financial requirements. Access to reports can be set at an authority level of your choosing.