Software Solutions

Our comprehensive online fleet management system allows clients to manage their own entry and reporting of data. By centralising your organisations database, you’ll have instantaneous access to information in real time, providing complete fleet cost transparency and internal fleet management capabilities.

Smartfleet’s software solution will automate many of the cumbersome fleet management processes that take place on a day to day basis. By streamlining tasks and functions like reporting, FBT tracking, pool vehicle booking and tendering, you’ll see operational efficiencies as well as cost saving opportunities.

Our comprehensive reporting aims to give you higher fleet intelligence, so you can make qualified operational and financial decisions about your fleet. Whether it be deciding which vehicles should be used more or less, determining how many vehicles you really need in your fleet or understanding the best way to manage fuel efficiency, you’ll lower overall fleet costs and better utilise your vehicles.

Smartfleet’s innovative software solution is gives you the knowledge you need to make sound operational, financial and strategic decisions. Contact us today for an obligation-free demonstration.