BSA Limited


BSA Limited is a comprehensive technical services company operating across the mechanical services, telecommunication and facilities maintenance sectors. BSA Limited operate a national fleet of approximately 500 vehicles. Colin Taylor is the Group General Manager, Risk/Fleet, Corporate division at BSA Limited. This Case Study is a testimonial from Colin on his experience with Smartfleet.

Central Highlands Water

Central Highlands WaterCentral Highlands Water is a regional water corporation providing high quality drinking water, sewerage, trade waste and recycled water services to customers in Ballarat and surrounding towns. Central Highlands Water operates a purchased fleet of approximately 170 vehicles (predominantly utes) and assets (such as trailers).

Scope (VIC) Ltd

ScopeScope (VIC) Ltd is a not-for-profit Victorian-based organisation providing support to over 7,000 people with disabilities and their families. Scope maintains a fleet of approximately 100 vehicles to deliver their services. The fleet includes pool cars used by staff and specialised vehicles capable of transporting people in wheelchairs. Gary Fisher is the Manager, Fleet and Assets at Scope. This Case Study is a testimonial from Gary on his experience with Smartfleet.

Deakin university: A case study on collaborative relationship

Deakin University

Deakin is one of Australia’s leading Universities, with over 42,000 students currently enrolled. 

Deakin University was Smartfleet’s (Webfleet’s) first client and Karly assisted with the implementation and subsequent system development of Webfleet before moving into other roles at Deakin.  Karly now heads the Sustainable Enterprise directorate at Deakin University and is responsible for a number of key areas, including the Fleet Management team, now known as Deakin Transport.

Wendy Meesen is Deakin University’s Fleet Management Coordinator and has worked for Deakin University for eight years.  Prior to working for Deakin University, Wendy also worked in the car rental industry for seven years.

Fleet consolidation drives $200K per annum cost savings at Uniting Care Queensland

Uniting Care Queensland

UnitingCare Queensland is one of the largest health and community services organisations in Queensland  with 15,000 employees and over 8,000 volunteers. The work of UnitingCare Queensland is delivered through its service groups, UnitingCare Community, UnitingCare Health, and Blue Care.

Showcase on aged care: Churches of Christ use of Smartfleet

Churches of ChristChurches of Christ are our showcase in the aged care sector's usage of Smartfleet's fleet management system. This case study is in the form of an interview with Richard Schuster, the Group Procurement manager at the organisation.

Tasmania's Department of Health and Human Services Wins Environmental Award for CO2 Reductions

Tasmania DHHSDHHS' PVB system and its new strategies have been a resounding and fully quantified success, delivering CO2, cost and administrative savings that are providing ongoing benefits to the Department, the Tasmanian state government and the planet. In late 2013, the organisation's efforts were applauded when DHHS received an Environmental Award from the Australasian Fleet Management Association.  

“DHHS is extremely pleased with the implementation of this Agency wide project.  This has been a win-win for the DHHS with no loss of service delivery to our clients across Tasmania, the achievement of significant bottom line cost savings, a reduction in our vehicle emissions profile and through the cost savings an increased opportunity of allocation of the DHHS budget into increasing our service delivery to the Tasmanian community,” says Ashlin.