BSA Limited


BSA Limited is a comprehensive technical services company operating across the mechanical services, telecommunication and facilities maintenance sectors. BSA Limited operate a national fleet of approximately 500 vehicles. Colin Taylor is the Group General Manager, Risk/Fleet, Corporate division at BSA Limited. This Case Study is a testimonial from Colin on his experience with Smartfleet.

The Challenge

Our aim was to move from a disparate branch-managed fleet to a structured centralised model. We needed a solution that could effectively and efficiently track and maintain a large fleet operating across multiple business units with a large geographical coverage.

The Solution

Smartfleet manage all aspects of our fleet solutions, including fuel, maintenance, insurance, registration renewal, tolls - everything except our vehicle tendering which is currently done in house.

The Results

Smartfleet’s solution provided a single point of truth for all data. This provided the operational and cost visibility, as well as the technical support, to enable effective control and decision making.

When taking on the responsibility for the fleet there was a great deal of noise and dissatisfaction within BSA Limited. Through consultation and cooperation by Smartfleet to align with the needs of the business units, the noise and dissatisfaction disappeared. We were very sceptical when taking over responsibility of the Smartfleet system, but trust was quickly built through the quality of advice and support provided.

The parts of Smartfleet’s solution that most impressed us were the visibility and reporting power of the data base, technical support we could trust, and the willingness and capability to adapt to and support our business needs.

When you’re running a fleet you need quality fleet data that is visible and enables effective decision making. You need to develop and implement consistent strategy, policy and process. And you need to leverage the knowledge and contacts of experts in their field. Smartfleet provided BSA Limited with these things.